Labor Relations

Our purpose in Labor Relations is to provide support to all employees, employee associations and management through transparent, collaborative communications.  The vast majority of all District employees are represented by an employee association. The associations are set forth below. The District and Associations have committed to purposefully collaborating to move forward Sweetwater Union High School District’s students towards academic success. 

Scott Hendries
Director of Labor Relations, Labor Relations Office
Phone: (619) 585-6004
Fax: (619) 407-4949

Yvette Farina
Senior Administrative Assistant, Labor Relations Office
Phone: (619) 585-6036
Fax: (619) 407-4949



Certificated Units

  • SEA – Represents non-supervisory certificated, non-counseling, positions.

SEA Teachers Contract 2020-2021


  • SCGA – Represents non-supervisory certificated counseling positions.

SCGA Counselors Contract 2020-2021




Classified – Non-Supervisory Units

  • CSEA 258 – Operations Support Services

CSEA 258 Contract-Operations Support 2018-2021

  • CSEA 471 – Office Technical 

CSEA 471 Contract-Office Technical 2018-2021

  • CSEA 731 – Paraprofessional

CSEA 731 Contract-Paraprofessional 2018-2021

CSEA MOU Regarding COVID-19 – 4/10/2020


Classified Supervisory Unit

  • NAGE

NAGE Supervisory Contract 2018-2021

NAGE – Professional Growth Reimbursable Stipend Request Form

While not recognized under the Educational Employee Relations Act, the District collaborates on employee concerns with the following associations:

  • MASD – Association of management employees.
  • Confidential Employees – Association of confidential, non-management employees.